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How It Works

elephantMade is a one-of-a-kind online service platform designed for Conservative political committees and candidates. elephantMade is always fast, easy, and free for our clients.


Signing up for elephantMade’s custom online storefront will take 15 minutes or less.


Enrolling takes minimal effort, and we make embedding the link to your store painless. Start receiving contributions from supporters from the first merchandise sale. We’ll collect all necessary compliance information, so you can build your campaign/committee bank account while also building your database of donors.


You will never pay elephantMade. We are a commission-based service. elephantMade makes money only when our clients do – by receiving a share of the revenue when products are sold through an elephantMade online store.

We provide you with an online storefront selling your unique branded merchandise on quality, American-made products—and half the proceeds of every sale go to your campaign or committee in the form of a monetary contribution from the individual customers of your store. We deliver you a link that makes it easy to embed your store into your campaign website, social media platform, text platform, or electronic newsletter. We collect and transmit all necessary compliance information for every donation. You receive quality products that will increase your brand visibility.

All you have to do is click the “Sign Up” button on, answer a few questions to help us serve you better, and upload a high-resolution PNG logo that will be featured on your branded merchandise. Once you complete the sign up process, we will email you a link and a widget. Simply install the widget on your website under a “Shop” or “Store” button, or add the link to your social media pages and electronic mailings.

That’s it, you’re done! You never have to process an order, produce a product, find a reputable printer, pay a print set-up fee, worry about shipping, or handle a return. Unlike current models, elephantMade is scalable, allowing you and your supporters to purchase one item at a time or as many as you’ll need to supply parades or rallies – all without the hassle and cost of storage and distribution. We even collect and provide compliance information for every single donation to make filing your disclosure reports easy. You’re collecting monetary donations for your cause, increasing your donor numbers, and building your database without any hassle on your part. Dollars, donors, and data are the necessary ingredients to successful campaigns. We provide all of that for free.

Remember, the more products you sell, the more dollars, donors, and data you collect.

Below are some examples of client’s mockups with their logos. When you upload your own logo, unique mockups like these will be available for you to add to your custom store!

Man wearing a political white t-shirt design
baseball t-shirt with "don't tread on me" design
black t-shirt with a liveACID Design
woman holding a bad with a "live free or die" logo