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About Us

elephantMade is built for candidates and committees by experienced Republican candidates and active grassroots volunteers. We’re on your team, and we know exactly how difficult running a political campaign is because we’ve done it. We’ve been to political conventions, knocked doors, attended countless events, and fought for the attention of reliable donors whose funds are stretched thin. We have also suffered through necessary fundraising by making phone calls, sending direct mail, passing out envelopes, and using technology as best we could.

We understand the difficulties candidates face building name recognition, raising money, and attracting donors. We’ve been in the trenches of grassroots battles. We know how hard you work for your cause, and we’re here to help.

Merchandise may seem like a minor concern to a campaign. But, as candidates and activists, we’ve spent hours researching merchandise providers with the impossible mission of finding value, quality and reliability, especially because we insist on American-made items. We ran into all kinds of obstacles in finding shirts and logo merchandise, from low quality items to poor print quality to pricy set up fees to minimum orders, not to mention that most print shops are closed over the weekend and have limited business hours. Then, once we purchased the required minimum number of items, we had to pick them up, store them, try to sell them to supporters (or eat the high cost from a tight campaign budget), make sure the car trunk was stocked just in case a buyer appeared, and keep the leftovers!

Our goal at elephantMade is to save you time, brainpower, and campaign/committee funds while helping you collect much-needed donations and increase your donor base. And, you get quality, American-made merchandise that will build your brand without all the hassle and expense of traditional printing. You get all of that through a custom online store that lends a professional air to your cause and is easy to link to your webpage, social media, or electronic correspondence.

elephantMade is a veteran owned business. We value hard work, courage, and patriotism, and we are honored to serve the candidates who embody those traits.



crowd of people at the Trump/Pence election
“On the floor of the 2016 Republican National Convention.”
A crowd of people holding up a sign supporting republican candidates
We understand how hard it is to find American-made shirts, with the right print quality, in the right sizes, and in time for all of the community parades.